Yoga from the heart

Anahata is the name for the heart chakra, the energy centre where love, compassion and peace reside in the body.

Life is full of contrasts. Light and dark, day and night, yin and yang. For a balanced existence we require a blend of these contrasting energies. So it is with yoga.

The style of yoga most often practised in the west is ‘Hatha Yoga’. In Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga, Ha means sun and Tha means moon. The Sun is our active, outward energy, the Moon our inner, reflective nature. If we practise our yoga from the heart, this energy is also emphasised, bringing more love, compassion and peace to our everyday lives.

Anahata Yoga blends these energies to bring strength and flexibility through the practice of yoga asana, or postures, and a calm mind and relaxed body through the practices of breath work and relaxation techniques. The practice is given in the spirit of the Anahata chakra, there for you to benefit from its compassionate qualities.

This combination helps you to achieve the perfect balance: a healthy body, a calm mind and a peaceful soul.

Welcome to a world of well-being.