Home Practice

Yoga, like anything else in life, becomes easier with practice. Your body is an amazing thing, and can be trained to become stronger and more flexible; but this won’t happen without some application!

The modern world is such that are all “too busy” to take time out for ourselves. But how can you expect your quality of life to improve if you don’t make a small effort to put time aside to attend to your physical, mental and spiritual well being?

These practice handouts will enable you to spend just 15 minutes, or however long you have, developing your yoga practice. For a longer, more effective personal practice you can even string several of them together, ensuring you include the warm up and cool down/relaxation sessions from one of the practices.

Always take advice from a qualified medical professional before embarking upon a new form of exercise, especially if you have a medical condition or injury.

The handouts are in PDF format, which need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open them. You can download the reader by following this link:
Get Acrobat Reader (free download)

Handouts 2018

Three for New Perspectives
Three for neck and shoulders
Three for Hams
Three for Hips

Developing a Home Practice

Handout week 1 (PDF)
Handout week 2 (PDF)
Handout week 3 (PDF)
Handout week 4 (PDF)
Handout week 5 (PDF)
Handout week 6 (PDF)
Handout week 7 (PDF)
Handout week 8 (PDF)
Handout week 9 (PDF)
Handout week 10 (PDF)