NEW! for 2019, Aerial Yoga!

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21st September 9-10am ONE SPACE AVAILABLE

12th October 9-10am

An induction class should be taken before booking further classes unless you have aerial yoga experience. Three people per Induction, £10 per person, bookable in threes or individually.  Please book in advance, call or text 07762912585 or email

(for weekday Aerial classes see Classes page)

5th October 9am or 10.30am

2nd November 9am or 10.30am

16th November 9am or 10.30am

Three people per class, £10 per person, please book in advance, call or text 07762912585 or email

9AM – 11.30 AM with refreshments to follow

A deeper dive into aerial yoga, focus on strength, deep stretch, yin and traditional yoga practices (breathwork, meditation, mindfulness in practice) to keep the spiritual vibe alight.  Three people only, £35 per person, please book in advance, call or text 07762912585 or email

What is Aerial Yoga?


Aerial yoga is akin to a sensation of delicious floating.  It’s yoga done in a swing or hammock, which sounds a little crazy, but the benefits of the practice are just as wonderful as those of mat based yoga, with an added sense of support and feeling for alignment.  Here are a few of the benefits:





Benefits of Aerial Yoga

Wonderful beginner and restorative poses

Aerial does not necessarily mean cirque du soleil tricks!  Your Aerial journey will begin with an induction to gradually acclimatise you to the hammock, and you’ll soon begin to feel confident moving with it and being supported by it. 

 Low Impact

Aerial is gentle on the joints. Other forms of impact exercise like running or jumping can cause a lot of stress if you have knee and ankle problems. The nature of aerial yoga is different and kinder on the joints.

Great for Relaxation ….

Simply resting in the hammock feels amazing. The slow tranquil movement as it rocks is relaxing, and brings a sense of peace and wellness. The gentle stretching movements we limber with can help loosen sore, stiff muscles and make you feel great both during and after your practice.

Or more intensive strength work

There are definitely more rigorous routines that will push your Aerial experience further. It can be a potent mix of strength training, stretching, and cardio, without compromising on the traditional yogic benefits of mindfulness, breathwork and movement meditation.

 Bandhas! Great core control

Nearly all the movements involved in aerial yoga require you to activate your core muscles. This means that you are constantly using your abdominal muscles as you move from pose to pose, and to stabilise in static poses. It’s also great for developing Upper Body strength.

 Opens the heart

When doing heart openers (backbends) in aerial yoga, you can move more deeply into the poses.  Aerial yoga uses poses to work with gravity.

Lengthens the spine

The structure of the hammock gives the potential for anyone, even complete beginners, to invert in their very first class. This helps to lengthen the spine by creating space between the vertebrae.




Cleanses the lymphatic system

When we hang upside down, we are cleansing the lymphatic system. Inverting in the hammock takes pressure off of the joints and stimulates circulation in the body. The muscles are flooded with blood and oxygen, clearing out toxins and old blockages. This also moves prana – life force energy to the spine, healing tension & can actually make you feel taller!


Deeper flexibility

By using the aerial yoga hammock to suspend you in the fabric, standing seated or lying, you are able to move deeper into postures like splits, shoulder openers and backbends. The combination of the support of the hammock and gravity helps us find more space in the body.


Sacred space for meditation

The hammock is a wonderful place for turning inwards, finding quiet time and reflection. When you’re inside the hammock it feels somewhat like a womb or a cocoon. It gives you a sense of safety, and with a little imagination you can feel like you are being reborn. You will feel safe and secure in a class, because you have your own sacred space.


Also … It’s just plain fun!

Whats more fun than a practice that feels great, is far from routine, and lets you work suspended in the air?!  Aerial Yoga Channels your inner child – It’s like an adult swing! Didn’t you love playing on the swings when you were little? Who says we have to stop being playful? You’ll feel younger in a matter of minutes!

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Times and days of the week to suit you, small classes at my home studio, three people £10 per person.  Workshops also available, keep an eye on the workshops page.