Sometimes a class just doesn't seem to long enough ... you want to dive even deeper!  I run workshops to enable students to experience a fuller exploration of yoga and it's wonders. Please contact me to book any of the workshops advertised here, and if you're not currently attending my classes let's chat to check what is suitable for you.


Workshop Schedule 2022

Here's what I'm planning for deepening your practice in 2022!

Please note that dates and workshop themes may be subject to change, so keep checking in here for what's on.  To book a workshop contact me via the button below:


Anahata Yoga Workshops

Join me to deepen your practice

Planet and Moon

Renewal: Full Moon Release

January 15th, Home Studio, 9.30am - 12.30pm, £35

Join me to say farewell to 2021 and invite 2022 to be a year of manifesting your desires! Yang and Yin asana, mudra and reflection as well as planning your dream year.


Aerial Yoga Workshop: Opening Anahata Chakra

February 5th, Home Studio, 9.30am-12pm, £35

Using the support of our aerial hammock we'll focus on the heart centre, creating space to breathe and give gratitude for the gift of an open heart.

Happy Spring Equinox.jpg

Yin and Gong Bath: Spring Equinox Renewal

March 12th, 9.30am - 12pm plus grounding flapjack and a warm drink, Braybrook Village Hall,  £35

I'm delighted to be working again with the very talented Helen Braithwaite! We bring you this Yin and Sound practice to awaken you to the perfect possiblities of spring.

Helen and gong Oct 2021.jpg

Yin and Gong Bath #2: the Yoga of Sound

30th April, Braybrooke Village Hall, 9.30am - 12pm (plus time to ground with flapjack and warm tea), £35

Sound therapist Helen Braithwaite and I humbly invite you to join us in this second profoundly delicious yin yoga and sound bath experience, this time exploring sound from the yogic perspective.


Further workshop dates for your diary ...

May 14th: Pranayama: poses and practices to open the body

June 18th: Summer Solstice and practices for the season of the crab: the yoga of zodiacal Cancer

September 24th: Yin and Gong bath #3: The Autumnal Equinox and finding the balance of zodiacal Libra

October 8th: Samhain and Full Moon release

November 26th: Yin and Restorative workshop, Winter release and nourish