Sometimes a class just doesn't seem to long enough ... you want to dive even deeper!  I run workshops to enable students to experience a fuller exploration of yoga and it's wonders. Please contact me to book any of the workshops advertised here, and if you're not currently attending my classes let's chat to check what is suitable for you.


Saturday 20th November 2021

09.30 - 11.30am Home Studio

Join me at my Home Studio chill-out class of yin and restorative yoga, celebrating this key time in the wheel of the year. Our theme is hope, and the start of the process of dreaming the life you wish for in the coming year into reality.

Using props to support our asana practice, we’ll be diving deep into yin and restorative poses, not only to soothe you physically, but also to calm the nervous system. This class will bring you to deep relaxation and release of stress at this busy time. 

 You are welcome to stay and chat at the end of class, over a cuppa and vegan flapjack. 

Look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon ...

Class price £25, Contact me to join.

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Saturday 27th November 2021

09.30am - 12.00pm Home Studio

A truly delicious opportunity to revel in a heart-opening extended Aerial class!

Opening our hearts to the generosity of the upcoming season of good will, we'll practice with gratitude as we focus on anahata chakra.  Moving with compassion and joy through a series of flowing and expansive aerial poses, working from standing, through inversions and kneeling to yin and restorative modalities.

You are welcome to stay and chat at the end of class, over a cuppa and vegan flapjack. 

Class price: £35

Look forward to flying with you!