Sometimes a class just doesn't seem to long enough ... you want to dive even deeper!  I run workshops to enable students to experience a fuller exploration of yoga and it's wonders. Please contact me to book any of the workshops advertised here, and if you're not currently attending my classes let's chat to check what is suitable for you.


Workshop Schedule 2022

Here's what I'm planning for deepening your practice in 2022!

Please note that dates and workshop themes may be subject to change, so keep checking in here for what's on.  To book a workshop contact me via the button below:


Anahata Yoga Workshops

Join me to deepen your practice

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Yin and Gong Bath #2: the Yoga of Sound

30th April, Braybrooke Village Hall, 9.30am - 12pm (plus time to ground with flapjack and warm tea), £35

In this workshop we'll be looking at the Yoga of Sound.

Our morning will begin with a deeply relaxing Yin Yoga practice led by local Yoga Teacher Caroline, who has been dedicated to teaching yoga for over 15 years. We'll introduce the use of mantra, sacred sound, in the form of the seed mantras of the Chakra system, to tune and align our subtle energies and bring ourselves to a more deeply present state.

This will be followed by a sublime sound bath, immersing us in a custom-created symphony of divine gongs and crystal singing bowls, courtesy of our multi-talented sound therapy expert Helen. Helen's fascinating process begins by meditating on the Yin practice as it happens live. This then enables her to produce a purely intuitive sound bath immersion, which perfectly complements the themes of the class and includes modalities for healing that best suit the needs of the group.

Given the depth of the work, we recommend that students give themselves time to ground after this deep work; there will be vegan flapjack and warming teas provided. This is also an opportunity to chat, socialise and pull a wisdom card, as the perfect rounding off to complete your experience.

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Further workshop dates for your diary ...

May 14th: Pranayama: poses and practices to open the body

June 18th: Summer Solstice and practices for the season of the crab: the yoga of zodiacal Cancer

September 24th: Yin and Gong bath #3: The Autumnal Equinox and finding the balance of zodiacal Libra

October 8th: Samhain and Full Moon release

November 26th: Yin and Restorative workshop, Winter release and nourish