Sometimes a class just doesn't seem to long enough ... you want to dive even deeper!  I run workshops to enable students to experience a fuller exploration of yoga and it's wonders. Please contact me to book any of the workshops advertised here, and if you're not currently attending my classes let's chat to check what is suitable for you.

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Saturday 9th October 2021
09.30 - 11.30am Home Studio

Join me at my Home Studio chill-out class of yin and restorative yoga, to help you float your way through and out of hormonal fog.  This class will support you whether you're in peri-menopause, menopause or beyond.  Our work will help to calm the parasympathetic nervous system, as well as opening the body to give us more space to cope with symptoms of menopause and hormone imbalance.

By the way, did you know that you're not really having hot flushes - they’re power surges?! And yes, we can learn how to lessen their effects with yogic breathing practices and mindfulness.

Using props to support our asana practice, we’ll be diving deep into yin and restorative poses, not only to soothe you physically, but also to calm the nervous system. This class will bring you to deep relaxation and release of hormonal stress in a completely natural way. 

 You are also welcome to stay and chat at the end of class, over a cuppa and vegan flapjack. 

Look forward to seeing you on the mat very soon ...

Class price £25, Contact me to join.

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Yin Yoga and Gong Bath for Winter Release and Inner Clarity

Saturday 6th November 2021

09.30am - 12.30pm Braybrooke Village Hall

 I am delighted to be presenting this sublime workshop in partnership with Helen Braithwaite, who, as well as being a fellow yoga student, is a Sound Therapist, teacher, facilitator and coach . 

After a deeply nourishing Yin Yoga practice for yielding and releasing, Helen will bathe us with the sublime sounds of gongs, chimes  and other sacred instruments, to take us deeper into release and inner clarity. 

Helen has for 25 years thoughtfully, passionately and creatively assisted individuals in transforming their lives, bridging cultures, communities and language with integrity and insight.  She generously offers her learning and experience as an example to guide others through the nurturing and forever evolving process of self-discovery, self-acceptance and love to more authentic living.   

Sound bathing is a non-invasive healthful modality which facilitates transformation across all levels of being - physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual.  

Gongs, Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, chimes and voice are used to bathe you in restorative frequencies of sound, encouraging any dis-harmony or dis-ease within your mind, body or spirit to be re-energised into healthier, more natural energetic states of ease and harmony.

Having personally experienced Helen's masterful talent with these beautiful instruments I can promise you a unique and deeply healing morning.

You are strongly encouraged to stay and chat at the end of the workshop, as a prelude to re-joining your day over a warm drink, grounding dried fruits and nuts and vegan flapjack. 

Helen and I very much look forward to welcoming you to this deep, beautiful and rejuvinating workshop.

Class price £35, Contact me to join.