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I'm Caroline Whitmore, founder of Anahata Yoga, thank you for visiting my website.

Whether you're looking for a live class or want to practice on demand, you'll find something for everyone. [on demand class recordings coming soon!]

Need to move, stretch and strengthen? I have hatha (general) yoga classes for a range of levels and abilities.

Want to relax and renew whilst stretching and reflecting deeply? Try a delicious Yin Yoga class.

Or if you fancy trying something completely different ... try Aerial yoga, for fun, fitness and flexibility.

Yoga can help with a huge range of requirements - naturally, as it is of course is about flexibility! But it's also about strength, groundedness and finding out who you really are.  The journey yoga takes you on is so much more than you first expect!  So here are some starting points, whether you're looking for physical solutions, or a more spiritual approach to your exercise and self-care regime:

  • Yoga is great for destressing, and is calming and relaxing. These days life and work can be crazy: learn how to be more Zen!

  • You can benefit from yoga during times of hormonal turmoil, be that perimenopause, menopause, post menopause or when you're looking to boost your fertility; it's a great adjunct to IVF, for example.

  • Sports teams or individuals can use yoga to keep supple and flexible, helping to reduce the risk of injury.  Aerial yoga in particular is a brilliant way to do this, as well as being a lot of fun!

  • If you sit at a desk for hours on end, it will start to have physiological and most probably psychological effects on your wellbeing.  Find out how to counteract bad posture and desk stress.

  • As we begin to move on from the Covid pandemic, it's more important than ever to look after your respiratory health and overall resilience.  Yoga combines breath techniques with physical work, and also teaches us to use the breath to shift our energy and mood, as well as keeping your respiratory system in optimal condition.

  • Modern medicine and a more privileged lifestyle enable us to live longer these days.  It makes sense to keep your body in good order, to ensure that you are able to live a long, strong and healthy life.  Self-care through yoga can ensure you reap the benefits of its practice well into your wisdom years.

All of the scenarios above can be addressed and improved by taking up yoga, in addition to bringing so many more benefits too.

Please contact me for more information by clicking the Get in Touch button below.  

I offer one to one classes or small group sessions specially tailored for your particular needs and circumstances.

More details of all in-person classes and term dates are on the classes page. You'll also find pages with video classes on demand [coming soon!], online courses and in-person workshops too.

Scroll down this page for more about yoga and what it can offer you.

I'm a Senior Teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals who's been teaching since 2007, and have practiced yoga most of my life. I aim to use the magic of this ancient art to support people through the seasons of their lives, giving them the tools to be as healthy and happy as possible.



About Yoga


Yoga from the Heart

 Anahata is the name for the heart chakra, the energy centre where love, compassion and peace reside in the body,  ready to radiate out to the world.

Life is full of contrasts. Light and dark, outer and inner, yin and yang. For a balanced existence we need to process a blend of contrasting energies. Each individual can find their perfect blend in the practice of Yoga.  

Balance and peace

The style of yoga most often practised in the west is ‘Hatha Yoga’. In Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga, Ha means sun and Tha means moon. The Sun is our active, outward energy, the Moon our inner, reflective nature. If we balance these energies, and practise our yoga from the heart, with sincerity, we can bring love, compassion and peace to our everyday lives.

Strength, Flexibility, Calm, Relaxation

I aim to combine these elements with a blend of yoga practices;  asana (postures) from different yoga styles,  with pranayama (breath work), mantra (chant), meditation  and relaxation techniques. The practice is given from the heart to enable you to experience its qualities of joy, contentment and peace.  Practicing yoga helps you to achieve the perfect balance: a healthy body, a calm mind and a peaceful soul.

Read more about how you could start your yoga journey on the classes page

I’ve learnt about so many things and changed myself in so many ways since joining Anahata Yoga! It is just as good on line as it is in real life too.... thank you Caroline.

Jo, Market Harborough

From aerial yoga to brilliant workshops, what's not to love about Anahata Yoga and Caroline!

Mary, Northants

Without the help of Caroline and her online classes I am not sure whether I could have maintained my sanity during lockdown! After sessions, the outlook on life is very healthy and positive.

Steve, Market Harborough

I have been practicing with Caroline for a number of years and love the unique nature of every practice. Would highly recommend to those who are looking for a class that is vibrant and interesting.

Nissy, Leicestershire



Yoga has brought me so much joy, comfort and wellness. If you have any questions regarding my services, please feel free to contact me. I am always happy to answer your questions.

PLEASE NOTE: If you can please let me have your mobile phone number as well as your email address that would be really helpful - this is just in case your email system decides I'm trying to spam you, and puts my reply in your junk mail!  I'll never share your information with anyone - at all!  But I do want to ensure you get my response if you contact me.  Namaste xx


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